From flagship to bus route fiasco

From: Stephen McClarence

Address supplied

Travel South Yorkshire describes its daftly-named Optio network as “the new bus travel option, giving you flexibility and choice”.

For many bus-users in the south west of Sheffield, the choice is likely to be about whether to use Optio’s unwisely rejigged 120 service at all.

In its days as the No 60, this was one of Sheffield’s flagship services. Now, for flagship read fiasco.

The service is used by many rail travellers, including students, but the nearest stop to the railway station is now a squalid, wind-blasted corner of Flat Street - a long trek when you’re carrying luggage.

It offers no shelter or seating and there’s no nearby pedestrian crossing, making it potentially unsafe. Drivers often now change over at the next stop, near Fitzalan Square, causing delays and regular “bunching” all along the route. The buses are crowded and increasingly unreliable, ie late.

As an unintegrated transport system, it takes some beating.

From: Ruth Grimsley

Broomhill, Sheffield S10

I RECENTLY returned from holiday to find that the First number 40 bus has turned into the number 120. It just goes to show: you wait for a 40 bus, and then three come together!