Greatest sport moment

I HAVE seen some of the coverage to the “Games Makers”, the 70,000 volunteers that you have rightly given in The Star.

Just to let you know, I was a “Games Maker,” fortunate enough to be based at the Olympic stadium, and was there when Jess won her Gold, seeing her compete in the long jump, javelin, and 800m, - amazing! I also got some great action pictures of her competing.

I was in Los Angeles in 1984, as a 27 year old athletics fan, when Seb Coe won his Gold in the 1500m, and my friend and I met up with Tony Pritchett of The Star, who ran an article on us on Aug 2nd 1984, a year before Jess was born.

I always said that Seb winning his Gold in 1984 was my greatest moment in sport, especially as we met him after the race. This was only surpassed when Jess won her Gold, and it was fantastic that Seb was at her medal ceremony. I attended Jess’ home coming in Barker’s Pool.

From: Ian Wright