Harm done by planning policy could be defining legacy of this government

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The Tory candidate for Dore and Totley still maintains that the need to find green spaces for housing is down to Labour councils wishing to build on them, rather than the reality, which is that it is driven by his government’s planning policy.

This, despite my previous letter providing web links that confirm this is the view of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and an explanation of the policy confirming this on a Government website.

Well, perhaps he will accept the view from a Downing Street Adviser, on the Regeneration and Renewal website, that the Government’s planning reforms have led to a ‘planning free- for-all’ and that the resulting ‘physical harm’ to the countryside could become the ‘defining legacy of this government.’

If not, I am happy to invite him to a meeting where planning officers can take him through exactly what the policy of his government is. We can then show him how we are doing all we can to see as much brownfield land as possible built on but that it is his government that has both cut our funding to subsidise brownfield site regeneration, and then stipulated that we have to provide a five year supply at any one time of ‘economically deliverable’ sites for developers, which rules out many brownfield sites.

Coun Leigh Bramall, cabinet member for business, skills and development