Have you never heard of Max Carrados?

I read in “Quidnunc” that when Lynda La Plante appeared at a recent “Off the Shelf” event, an audience member asked her why there were no fictional blind detectives, and that on the following morning’s BBC Breakfast she seemed so taken with the novelty of the idea that she would use it in the future.

I am surprised neither she nor apparently anyone in the audience had heard of the stories of Ernest Bramah, featuring the blind amateur sleuth Max Carrados. Perhaps it is even more surprising that the Breakfast team did not enlighten her, since several of these stories were dramatised on BBC Radio, and only two weeks ago they were being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Max Egerton


Wonderful castle site visit was fit for a king

I would just like to say what an absolutely wonderful afternoon I spent last on Saturday 14th Sept at the Manor Castle site.

As a recent Friend of Manor Lodge I have been a few times and each time I have found the trip a wonderful experience. This is the old site of the Manor Lodge where Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned by Elizabeth 1st. Last Saturday was a magical afternoon. The friends of Manor Lodge and the Green Estate who fund this project have planted and made this site exceedingly interesting and in the spring summer months have beautiful meadows around this area with the most colorful and bright flowers. There were stalls with all manner of goodies for sale, plants, chocolates, wildlife interests, gardening stalls and plants for sale. All the people manning these stalls were so happy and smiling and very helpful. There were walks and games and flower arrangements, things for young children to do and lots of history about the Tudors which was made extremely informative and interesting for older children. The site was decorated with medieval flags and specially mown paths to view all the gardens and plants that have been grown there. There were allotments which local people look after and all these plots all looked very healthy with a large number of vegetables and flowers growing. The people there were all very happy and relaxed too. There was homemade wine to taste and all in all I could not believe I was in the middle of a large city. It felt as if I was miles away in some sort of country village.

I would encourage the Sheffield public to possibly go and see for themselves how lovely this site is and how the friends have worked so hard to maintain it. I went to this Open Day alone and can honestly say, if anyone is desperately sad or grieving for someone or just feeling a little down, it is an uplifting experience to visit Manor Lodge Estate. There is no entrance fee which is great but there is a nominal charge of £2 to visit the Turret House.

You can look up the information on the website.

Thank you Manor Lodge for making my Saturday a very pleasant experience.

Iris Henderson


Sheffielders shouldn’t be denied cheap prices

I am very disappointed in John Lewis for trying to prevent the opening of an IKEA store in Sheffield.

I have shopped at John Lewis for many years and for some items eg electrical goods would not go anywhere else as I find their prices competitive and the after sales service excellent.

However most of the goods they sell are top of the range and expensive. How many people setting up home could afford to shop at John Lewis. IKEA products are modern, varied, well designed and affordable.

Some of my grandchildren who have recently flown the nest all went to IKEA either in Leeds or Nottingham for furniture and household goods for their new homes.

In a city this size I am sure there is room for both types of retail outlets, otherwise how did we ever manage to accommodate more than one supermarket chain.

Why should Sheffieldiers be prevented from having more choice about where they shop and be denied the job opportunities IKEA would bring to the area, simply because the council is afraid of upsetting John Lewis

Name and address supplied

Volunteers supporting children’s charities

Friends for Children’s Charities, (FFCC) are a group of 11 friends independently fundraising for Sheffield children’s charities.

Last year we raised over £60,000. We are all volunteers and support smaller, volunteer led charities that are often forgotten in the shadows of the more high profile ones.

With no admin costs or overheads, every penny we raise benefits needy children.

FFCC create a fantastic opportunity to really make a difference to local children’s lives. Charities and childrens groups often need additional funds for a specific project, for example purchasing wheelchairs, sensory room equipment, much needed respite etc. FFCC support them using funds raised from our own events with no input from the charity.

Charities can request a donation from funds raised. If any of your readers would like to nominate a charity or children’s group who would benefit please contact us.

Julie Pickering

Chair FFCC


Israeli flag should not be used for this purpose

On Saturday, 21 September, at Sheffield Lane Top, what appeared to be an Israeli flag was carried by supporters of the EDL.

We, the Reform Jewish Congregation here in Sheffield, wish to express our utter condemnation of the EDL and its beliefs and goals and find the use of any Jewish or Israeli symbol or flag by them reprehensible.

Mrs Kay


On behalf of the full Sheffield & District Reform Jewish