Heads should roll over fence fiasco

From: Mark Veevers

Address supplied

In response to Mr leach’s letter regarding this fence that goes partly round Meersbrook allotments.

I should like to point out that Mr Leach was present at the meeting where the 1.8 metre fence was agreed. The fence they have got is the fence they agreed to. This fence is no less than 1.8 metres high at any point. The residents that overlook the site have campaigned long and hard against this fence on the grounds that it is unnecessary, expensive, totally ineffective and unsightly.

Two compromises were agreed. One was to install the fence on the far side of the hedge and the other was to make it 6ft high as opposed to 8ft. Both these requests have been adhered to, but it is still unsightly and it also now denies access to the plots which has become an established right of access as a result of over 40 years of continued direct access from the lane. Is this legal? My solicitor thinks not.

This fence is an embarrassing waste of public money. £27,000 for a hundred yards of fence in an attempt to make vegetables safe is preposterous.

That money would have been better spent securing the job of a teacher. Our local school (Carfield Primary) is crying out for funding and the council sees fit to spend money on a trivial matter like allotment security!!

The council is proposing to leave a whole stretch of allotment boundary without a fence giving free access to the site to anyone who wishes to enter. The gates to the site are repeatedly left wide open by allotment holders, also giving free access to the site to anyone who wishes to enter, making the whole project a dreadful and criminal waste of public money, which we are very short of these days.

Heads should roll for this.