Help celebrate Bankwood 50th

From: Fiona Connor

Head teacher, Bankwood Community Primary School

Throughout 2011-2012, we are celebrating Bankwood Community Primary School’s Big 50th Birthday.

Celebrations will begin in earnest with a 60s fancy dress party for the children on November 24 2011, when it will be exactly 50 years since the school’s official opening in 1961.

Other planned events include the development of an outdoor classroom with an allotment, reading garden, sensory garden, seating and study area with shading to link with our new creative curriculum.

The school is located in Gleadless Valley, Sheffield and was previously two separate schools called Rollestone County Infant School and Rollestone County Junior School. We would please like your help to collate any information, memories or memorabilia from your readers who may live in or have lived in the surrounding area or previously attended the school.

Any information your readers may have can be emailed to us at:

Making a stand on cycle thefts

From: Adam Funk

Woodseats, Sheffield S8

I’m glad to see the police working seriously on cycle theft (Police sting halts bike thieves in their tracks, August 11), but the council could also do its part by providing proper cycle stands throughout the city.

Training cyclists to lock bikes properly is great, as long as we confine our shopping and leisure to the spots with good stands.

The council could provide more stands if it stuck to the plain, traditional Sheffield stands, which cost £250 each installed and which cyclists prefer for security and ease of use, rather than wasting £650 each for “designer” stands that are harder to use securely. And, of course, in many parts of Sheffield we have nothing but street furniture for locking bikes.

Large businesses in Sheffield should also be under pressure to provide good cycle stands for their customers. In particular, I would like to name and shame Esporta on Archer Road, which has been ignoring complaints from cyclists for several years now and still provides only “wheel-benders” that are bolted to the wall and completely insecure.

Visitors charmed by new-look city

From: Richard Attwood


Delegates attending their annual National Cycling Conference, hosted this year by local campaign group Cyclesheffield, were wowed by Sheffield at her best.

Against the glorious backdrop of Firth Court and Weston Park in the autumn sunshine, they heard about the opportunities and threats the Government’s Localism agenda presents to campaigners aiming to encourage more of us to reap the health and social benefits of cycling.

Attendees, many of whom had not visited Sheffield in this last decade of change, expressed amazement at the transformation from the moment they stepped off the train.

From the Friday night ride, taking in the stunning vista of Sheffield at night from the heights of Norfolk Park, through to the Sunday Special tram-assisted ride out to Halfway, where they saw how the Connect 2 project will improve access to Sheffield’s great network of multi user off road routes, delegates were universal in their admiration for the many initiatives Sheffield has undertaken as she moves with civic pride towards a future where her residents will have a range of options for accessing both work and leisure.

Wonderful care at Northern General

From: Grateful relative

Name and address supplied

My uncle was a patient in the Northern General Hospital recently until his death.

While there, his every need personally and medically was met with tender, loving care and the standards were of the highest in every way.

In these times when one hears horror stories about NHS hospitals, it is heartening to know that this is not the whole picture and that Northern General Hospital, through Hadfield 5, is providing wonderful care in every way for their patients and their families.