‘Known risks’ on green composting

From: David Ogden

Lightwood Lane, Norton S8 8

I find it very uncomfortable that CEO Sue Frances of Green Estates still publically declares she knows of “no known risks to human health in the treatment and management off clean green waste compost in a regulated site”.

The fact the UK Environment Agency with the UK Health & Safety Executive operate Permits to run these site is partially because there ARE known health issues with composting green waste.

The permits require a 250m distance from residential and places of work property and 1km from an area of scientific interest. All these limits are broken at the former RAF Norton Aerodrome site.

Readers should review the comments raised on the planning proposal to understand why the site is not suitable and that there are more suitable site around Sheffield, reusing old industrial land.

Sue Frances conveniently forgot to mention that their own staff will be wearing breathing apparatus, for their safety, and Green Estates long term plan to use the whole of the site for industrial composting, possibly industrial units and housing as she stated at the open meeting on July 19, 2011.

Your article indicated there has been “some support” for the proposal. This is not substantiated by the fact there is only one supporter who was from outside the area.