Labour will stand up for Sheffield

From: Coun Bryan Lodge

Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council

I would like to respond to Coun Scriven’s letter (May 11). People did not support the Lib Dems because of their local record in last week’s election.

Out of the 28 seats, they won only six and of these they came close to losing a further three.

Undoubtedly they were punished for the Government cuts that are hitting Sheffield hard and the unpopularity of Nick Clegg played a role.

However, Sheffielders clearly did not come out and support the Lib Dems for their local record.

They have presided over three wasted years in the council where very little has been achieved and key projects to develop our city have been delayed.

When we are in these difficult times we need a council that will stand up for Sheffield and work to create jobs and opportunities for our young people.

Labour will work to do this, in stark contrast to the Lib Dems who are in complete denial about the scale of cuts that are hitting our city, a direct result of their decision to enter Government with the Conservative Party.