Lack of grit and unhelpful council response put our charity show at risk

posting many letters to red british postbox on street
posting many letters to red british postbox on street

I was privileged to organise an amazing concert on January 30 at Crookes WMC.The concert, Sheffield Folk Sing, was to raise money for Alzheimers & Dementia Society and Parkinsons UK.

There was a brilliant line-up of UK folk artists. Sadly, The Steel City Tremorloes had to pull out because of the road conditions, in particular around Crookes.

The Tremorloes are a group of people who suffer from Parkinsons disease. We attend a voice class every week to help improve our voices.

I contacted the club on Friday morning and the manager told me the council had assured him it would be cleared before the evening. Sadly when I arrived at about 4.30pm the conditions were dire.

As a Parkinsons sufferer, walking on icy snowy surfaces is the worst situation. For my husband who has dementia it was impossible.

I contacted Sheffield Council Road Gritting Dept. His response was unhelpful, all he could say was that it could be 24 hours after the request before action is taken.

I reminded him that over 300 people were attending. My effort resulted in nothing – the conditions on that road were terrible as on so many side roads.

Shame on Sheffield Council— removing grit bins and cutting down on the gritting programme you are endangering lives.

Despite that, the concert went ahead, performers and well over 300 ticket holders came and enjoyed an incredible night.

We will have raised at least £4,000 and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Val Civico