Lake Could Help Unlock Potential

From: David Slater

Hollow Meadows, Sheffield S6

My recent ‘eyes wide open’ tour took me to Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. I couldn’t resist sending you this picture of Hong Kong Central Park...complete with lake and right in the middle of the most expensive real estate in the world.

If its good enough for New York and Hong Kong then it would surely be a clue for Sheffield to knock down that monstrous building at the bottom of The Moor that once housed the DFEE and is now in SCC hands and build a lovely park and lake.

If Sheffield is serious about our future potential then we need some radical action.

A lake at the bottom of The Moor or where that horrible Grosvenor Hotel still dominates and also a park and Tudor castle ruins attraction at the site where the equally diabolical markets still blot the landscape would go some way to make us a destination city centre .