Let’s spend this new homes cash

From: Coun Alison Brelsford

Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet Member for Homes & Regeneration

Heard the one about the £2 million Government fund that sat in bank unspent?

When you can’t open a newspaper in Sheffield without a Labour politician complaining about a lack of funding, you might find this hard to believe but oddly enough it’s true.

Lib Dems believe the Coalition’s ‘New Homes Bonus’ should be spent bringing some of Sheffield’s 6,500 empty homes back into use but thanks to dithering by Labour politicians in the Town Hall not one penny has been spent.

Lib Dems have been campaigning for six months to see this money put to good use.

We were promised a Cabinet report but when it came it just contained more strategies and no commitments about what the money will be spent on.

When Britain is facing a real housing crisis it’s an absolute scandal that Labour councillors are sitting on their hands when action could be taken now.

These empty houses are potential homes for families struggling to meet their rent or for first time buyers looking to get on to the housing ladder.

What’s more, for each home brought back into use the Council will receive extra investment next year through this Government fund.

It seems Labour’s priorities are elsewhere – in the meantime Labour councillors have poured £2.5 million into the new posh flats at Park Hill.

Six months and two reports and still this money sits in the bank unspent – we need less dithering from councillors and more action.