Letters: Face to the name

I am now able to put a face to the name Godfrey Bloom. We read your pearls of wisdom in The Star on a regular basis.

Seeing you walk out of the Channel 4 interview reminded me of a child having a tantrum. I didn’t think the language you used regarding foreign aid was correct. However, if the Government asked the electorate what they thought about sending money abroad I think most would say that money could be used in this country first.

Jayne Grayson by email


So the European Court of Human Rights say a life sentence is inhumane. What about the crimes (murder, manslaughter etc) aren’t they inhumane?

Don S Whitehead, of Woodhouse

Tree destruction

Can somebody please inform me who sanctioned the mass destruction of the trees and shrubs at Meadowhead roundabout when only minor reshaping works were to be carried out?

J Bunting, of Greenhill

opinion: He has the vote

Well done, Mr Godfrey Bloom! You speak for Mr and Mrs Average. You just said what we all think. Despite so- called freedom of speech we do not dare voice our opinion because of the fear of being branded racist.

You should only look who is complaining and who finds Godfrey’s remarks offensive. It’s our ruling elite who are divorced from everyday reality and individuals and groups who have vested interests. Who did Godfrey Bloom offend? Those who are personally profiteering from UK international aid without ever being exposed?

Guardianistas and the BBC are dictating to the rest of us what to say and if they could they would dictate to us what to think as well. But fortunately, it does not work. If you do not agree with Godfrey Bloom, you can vote him out, but he certainly has the vote of Mr and Mrs Average.

Mrs and Mrs Average, Sheffield

councillors: Work together

We often read of councillors from different parties working against one another even if it was for the good of the area. So when the council had cash for the children ofn Greenhill/Beauchief and two councillors needed to approve our idea they put aside politicals and helped us get our money, for which the children of Lowedges and the tenants are very greatful.

When the football training was cut they helped and now the Greenhill/Bradway Tenants Association and the Friends of Greenhill Park can put on sessions for the next nine months via SWFC.

So thank you all, well done for putting your area first and a big thanks to Clive Skelton for all his help.

Stephen Rich, sec