Letters: If you can’t do that then stand aside and let someone who can take over

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What an absolutely disgraceful outpouring from our Lord Mayor in telling anyone that they are not welcome in Sheffield.

Sheffield and Yorkshire are famous for being friendly and welcoming to everyone, and are famous for it. No matter where they are from. You were made welcome, people from foreign lands are made welcome, 60,000 students per annum are made welcome, people whose views we don’t always agree with are made welcome.

To add humour even people from Lancashire are made welcome. We have a joke at them, they have a joke at us.

Your job is to represent the people of Sheffield, and just for a couple of years, when acting as Lord or Deputy Lord Mayor, you have to put aside your political views and try to ‘sell’ and represent the good people of Sheffield, try to make people want to visit us, set up businesses here, create jobs here and uphold the dignity and responsibility of the office to which a very small number of people agreed you should hold.

If you can’t do that then stand aside and let someone who can do the job in that manner take over.

And be careful as to who you dress up as, as many actors and performers are being told that they can’t take on the guise of someone from another nation by adopting their skin colour, hair style, accent or dress. If it applies to them it applies to you.