LETTERS: Mother’s Day - Timeless


Back in the mid 90s I wrote a poem on behalf of my five children to give to their mother on Mother’s Day.

Almost 20 years on the three eldest are now into their 30s and I am a grandfather now. I feel the sentiments of my poem are still as meaningful as they were back then. I wonder if you agree?

Mum Stands the test of time

by G. A. Evans

Mum is my companion

Mum is my rock

Mum cooks my dinner and finds that missing sock!

Mum is provider

who often goes without

Mum can be so tender

But you should hear her shout!

When in times of trouble

Mum will lend an ear

The with her compassion

A rainbow will appear!

Although mum has her problems

– things I cannot see,

she doesn’t want to let it show

So she keeps those things from me!

When I’d rather watch the telly

or play a computer game – though they all get boring,

mum remains the same!

Oh! How I love her cuddles

Her soft voice is so nice,

but best of all are her meals

topped with savoury rice!

Mum is really pretty

with a smiley face,

until she sees the things scattered

all around the place.

Then you should hear her language

My! Does she get mad – but after all

she is the best mum I’ve ever had!

Geoff A Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree, Bolsover, S44