Letters: Surely...the council must be joking?

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John Baker

Thornsett Gradens, S17

Along with other allotment holders I received a letter last weekend from Sheffield Council, announcing even larger increases in site rental.

On top of last year’s bad weather, poor prospects for this year and already imposed past increases, you will not be surprised to learn that I for one, will be surrendering the tenancy of my plot.

Even in these difficult financial times, I will be better off buying vegetables at the supermarket than meeting the cost of rental, water (some joke last year) seeds and fertiliser costs. And think of the time I will save walking to and from the site, let alone on cultivating the plot.

No doubt my health will suffer from a reduction in exercise, I will miss the friendship of the gardening community, and the nutritional value of my food will deteriorate. No matter. The National Health Service will take up the strain and another retired resident will become an increasing burden on the small section of the public that still works.

Well done Sheffield Council, for another spectacular own goal!

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