Letters: We do our best to preserve and record these memorials for future generations

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I was interested to read two letters expressing concern about the care and keeping of the gravestones at Sheffield Cathedral. For very many years, even from the early 18 th century the headstones have been laid flat in what was affectionately known as ‘t’owd Church’ grave yard.

The Cathedral yard has been subject to many changes over the past two hundred years including the widening of Church Street, the Cathedral extension in the 1930s, the construction of the Super tram tracks and, in recent years, the Gateway Project.

If any interred remains have been disturbed because of these changes they have been reinterred on site or in another burial ground with due care and ceremony.

For many years a record has been kept of all gravestones and memorials. In 2005 the Cathedral Chapter updated the record. A photographic record and inventory of every headstone and memorial inside and outside of the Cathedral was produced.

Each headstone is described in detail and plotted on a scale map for future reference. Wherever and whenever changes occur or work is done which affects any memorial or headstone the inventory is updated.

Far from disregarding or disrespecting the dead we do our best to preserve and record these memorials for future generations.

Canon Keith Farrow

Sheffield Cathedral