Letters: Why not swap?

For those for whom environment is more important than industry, it’s sad that the plants at Grangemouth are to reopen.

The last week of closure has seen a remarkable improvement in air quality in the area.

Surely the green agenda would be to move these polluting activities to poorer countries and reuse the land for building call centres - the staffing of which Scottish workers seem to be particularly well suited and able to compete on price and quality with the likes of India. In fact, why not a swap?

John Eoin Douglas


Though I have sympathy with the couple wanting the council to pay for their daughters education let’s be honest its not on. She is autistic, it must be very hard for all of them, but the council are right. They cannot pay £50,000 needed for a private school.The libraries are closing in this city which is a disgrace, so the council are not going to be providing funding for this family. It’s sad but times are hard.

Jayne Grayson

Letter: Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

Whilst there are many advantages in new technology I am becoming increasingly concerned at the demand for everyone to switch over to doing everything on computer.

Whilst using one myself I will not allow it to take over my life to the extent that every transaction I perform has to be done online.

There are many people who either cannot afford to buy a computer and pay for broadband installation or simply have no wish to learn how to use one and instead of being made to feel like dinosaurs if they don’t they should be given a choice.

We have the council now insisting that most things, including applying for benefits and dealing with other council services, must be done on a computer and only this week a government minister recommended people search for better deals from fuel suppliers by going online.

I also read (Star, October 30) that the police have prepared a flyer for people to display in their windows who do not wish to be disturbed at Halloween and on Bonfire Night but this can only be downloaded from the force website.

This will be of no help to many elderly people who do not own a computer and the flyer should be made available from libraries, post offices and council offices.

I would like to see the emphasis taken away from doing everything on computers.

Whatever happened to freedom of choice?

Susan Richardson