Letters: Working with initiatives is important if we are to have a sustainable future

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We know this country’s housing market is not fit for purpose.

Young people in particular are angry at not being able to afford and live in decent homes (which, by the way, is one of the United Nations’ fundamental human rights for all).

Local authorities are under huge pressure to allocate more land and encourage more housing to be built.

But we also need to be building in ways that address the ecological as well as social problems we face.

On 15 March, Jon Johnson of REACH Homes organised a very interesting and useful conference ‘Re-inventing Eco/Affordable Community Housing’, at St. Mary’s Church on Bramall Lane.

It attracted a wide range of speakers and participants, from social housing providers, to architects, academics, and innovators in eco-build and cohousing.

South Yorkshire MP John Healey, shadow housing minister, gave the opening keynote address.

The next time such an event is held, hopefully the City Council will also give more support and take part in it.

Encouraging and working with these kinds of initiatives is surely important if we are to have a sustainable future.

Celia Mather