Liberals worked wonders for city

From: BH Jackson

Sheffield S10

It has taken a little time for them to come out of the woodwork but here they are at last: Messrs Dillon, Brown, Grey and Coun Lodge.

Behind their red-coloured specs have they already forgotten that the Blair, Brown years left the country teetering on the edge of bankruptcy?

Have they also forgotten the Labour Minister who left a note for his successor in his desk drawer saying, ‘There is nothing left. It’s all gone’ and thought he was being funny when telling the truth.

I am a Conservative but I think the Liberals have worked wonders in our fair city when they have been in power. The citizens of Sheffield ought to be ashamed to have these arrogant back-stabbers in our midst.

To conclude. Let us wait until we get our rate demands for the year 2013/14 and see what these ‘back-stabbers’ have to say.

As for Coun Lodge, I was advised to write to him about a local problem. Not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement and no solution to the problem. I wrote to the late Jan Wilson, who apologised for the lack of action. Result: three weeks later, problem solved.