London has nothing on Sheffield culture scene

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Having read the article: London “Culture Shock” (Sheffield Telegraph - June 20) by Professor Danny Dorling, I felt I just had to reply.

A “North/South culture divide” what on earth is he talking about? Sheffield, in case “Professor” Dorling hadn’t noticed, has the Millennium Galleries - “The Tate Modern of Yorkshire” no less.

The journey from Sheffield’s Midland railway station, to the Millennium Galleries, and on through the Winter Gardens (the largest winter garden structure, to be built in Britain, since the Victorian era), the foyer of the St Paul’s Mercure hotel, is an absolute delight.

The Moor precinct too, is looking very plaza-like now, and will finally link the city centre, Fargate, Barker’s Pool, and the Devonshire Quarter.

Professor Dorling also says a “divide exists, roughly between Grimsby and Gloucestershire” With Sheffield, Nottingham, Birmingham on the “wrong” side.

I don’t think so!

In September 1963, aged fifteen, I became a foundation student of Grimsby College of Art. Now, as then, it has a thriving Jazz scene, a marvelous folk music scene, and a good blues scene also.

In closing, so Prof Dorling has been an “expert” in cultural, social issues for ten years, at the University of Sheffield. I’d say, he’s completely ignorant of the true cultural infrastructure in Britain today.

As for London? It’s a massively over rated city, as far as the arts are concerned.

Steve Davis

Totley Rise