Losing the plot on problem of rats

I RECENTLY heard from one of the council's rat catchers that we will now have to pay for this service.

When Meadowhead School was being rebuilt, a plague of rats came from underneath the old classrooms and into our back gardens. We already get

more than our fair share by living near a park.

I've heard that this charge will mean a lot of people will begin trying to catch the rats themselves, laying down their own traps and poison.

This could be dangerous not only to other garden animals, but also to family pets or, God forbid, children.

I know that if the council aren't coming out to deal with the rats, then they won't be able to properly keep track on the population across the city. So we won't even know how many rats there are in Sheffield.

I think the Lib Dems have lost the plot. They are now charging me for rat control and they plan to take away my right to recycle paper in my blue bin, but most of all I can never forgive them for joining the Tories. How can Nick Clegg claim to represent Sheffield after doing such a thing like that?