Maximum security plea is ridiculous

From: Andrea Akers

Address supplied

In response to Mr Leach’s letter regarding allotment security fencing at Meersbrook, I must take him to task over several points.

The stretch of which he writes has been strongly opposed by many local residents whose homes overlook the site. The majority of us have tenancy (some for 40+ years) of the plots facing our homes and have secure plots never subject to vandalism, given their proximity to the houses. We have campaigned for managed hedgerows (the boundary is partly ancient hedgerow) as a more sustainable boundary. Rather, Mr Leach would have us live opposite a stalag with his preferred 8ft spiked steel pallisade fence seen around industrial estates.

Mr Leach was indeed present at a meeting with ourselves and the council at which a compromise agreement was reached, whereby the 1.8m mesh fencing was approved (although we maintain an unnecessary white elephant). I must correct his assertion that the fence is “little more than 3ft in places”. If only that were true we could simply hop over and we would not now have a lengthy walk to access our plots. The gates which had given access from our lane for many years are now fenced in.

The campaign for a maximum security allotment site is made all the more ludicrous when one stretch is to remain unfenced and the allotment main gates on our lane are left open by tenants day and night!

Mr Leach notes that this stretch has cost taxpayers £26 000, the salary of a teacher or the cost of a hospital bed maybe?

But we can all sleep soundly in our beds knowing that Mr Leach’s cabbages may be safe.