More reasons to remain regional

From: Ruth Coppard

Manchester Road, S10

I recently went to the TEDx video link conference in Manchester. All sorts of interesting speakers were talking for up to 20 minutes on a range of topics. Cost £10, an absolute bargain.

I travelled by train, the greener and cheaper option. Cost of open return (with senior’s discount) £11.60. And I drove down to the station as the train left at 7.35 and buses are less reliable early on Saturdays. Cost £13. I ran to return within the 12 hours: it would have cost £14 had I been two minutes later.

I don’t know what I shall do next time. But if cheap advance tickets are available to go to London, I am not convinced that I want to add £14 to the cost in order to spend a reasonable amount of time in London. Is this part of a strategy to encourage us to remain regional?