No job available for elected Mayor

From: G Cartledge

Hunter House Road, S11

WHAT on earth do we need an elected Mayor for in Sheffield?

Each year we elect a proportion of our city councillors as our representatives. Each year, from among their number, the city councillors choose one among them to act as chair (man or woman) of their monthly meetings and to represent the City as Lord Mayor on official occasions such as when we greet and entertain honoured visitors.

The city has a chief executive, who makes sure that services and all other tasks needed to keep the council & city operating, are carried out according to the wishes and decrees of the council within the law. Unfortunately, history has shown that when some people acquire a position of power, it becomes very easy for that persons head to swell and a dictator appears who becomes very difficult to remove.

I do not think there is a job available for an elected Mayor in Sheffield.