Not a nation of animal lovers

From: Mike Maas

Sheffield S6

THE RSPCA recently announced a Rabbit Awareness Week. Rabbits are, they say, the third most popular pet, with a couple of million in cages and hutches across the country. About three out of four, they report, are maltreated - neglected, misfed, cramped, even forgotten and starved. Sold cheap as commodities. Bought without thought or study. Vets apparently report that no pets are so casually ignored and mistreated. The RSPCA has rescued 33.000 of them in the past three years.

Nation of animal lovers ? No. I don`t think so. Just pet-owners.

One sign of that is charity income. Now and then a small human charity has a bad year, compares itself with the entire sweep of animal-charities and gets publicity by spitefully asserting that animals get more than humans. You hear it too from religious people who think man is supreme. What a lie it is ! I checked with the Charity Commission. The figure is 2.83 percent.