Not all motorists are perfect, either

From: Richard Shaw

Dobcroft Road, Sheffield S11

I enjoy my cyle commute to and from work along Ecclesall Road.

Can I ask the good motorists of Sheffield not to park in bus lanes and drive so close to the kerb that I cannot get past.

My point is, there are both cyclists and motorists who do do not follow the highway code or act responsibily and the debate really needs to end there. It is a boring one.

However, one final point. If I was in my car instead of cycling (some cyclists own cars you know), then ‘motorist’ from last week would be one car further back in the Ecclesall Road queues that he or she helps to create.

From: Ray Battye

Towngate Road, Sheffield S35

An anonymous motorist asked in last week’ s letters for “the good cyclists of Sheffield to stop breaking the law by ignoring traffic lights and cycling over zebra crossings when the light is on red.”

As a cyclist and a motorist I fully support his request. Will he enthusiastically support mine that motorists should stop breaking speed limits (cyclists do this very very rarely), parking on yellow lines, driving in bus lanes, driving through traffic lights on amber etc. etc.