Pollards blow is a historic loss to city

From: Robert Cartlidge

Sheffield S26

A HUGE slice of history has been severed with the closure of Sheffield’s Pollards tea and coffee shop and its cosy cafe.

The business is 132 years-old; upkeep has taken its toll in the wake of the severity of cuts following its golden era. The diminishing surrounding shops has proven a negative retailers’ nightmare. It is, without question, a sordid blow to the customers and staff who once revelled in its heyday.

In its incipiency of the 19th century, pictures of photographs depicted the age of horse-drawn trams and drays, its awe-inspiring perception of the grand old days of society, even before steam and motorisation - a yester-year of dreams.

Many a tear may fall from both of its framed family founders and diligent customers. It is a bleak break with the past, leaving its enormous after taste of its sublime reminiscences.