Positive experience at Hunters Bar

I am the parent of a child in year 3 at Hunters Bar Junior School (School commissions audit into bullying allegations).

My daughter’s and my experience of the school, in the term she has been there, has been positive.

My daughter understands what bullying is and what to do about it if she were to be bullied or to see another child being bullied.

She understands because Hunters Bar Infants and Hunters Bar Juniors have both taken the time to help children deal with this difficult aspect of school life.

All parents need to recognise that bullying, unfortunately, takes place in all schools. That’s why schools have anti-bullying policies.

I welcome the fact that the school has commissioned a third party audit of the effectiveness of its bullying policy and will be interested to hear what its findings are when it reports back over the next few weeks.

It is unhelpful for the school community as a whole (teachers, pupils and parents) that one family’s negotiations with the school over a sensitive and personal issue have been made public.

Even if it were clear from the article what outcome the parents would like for their child, it is the school’s head teacher and, ultimately, the governors and local authority, in consultation with the parents, who will make the decision about what happens next. Anti-bullying policies cannot prevent bullying happening, but they do give schools and parents and carers a framework for managing it.