Preserve the English language rather than join the trend for Americanisms

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I am heartily sick and tired of seeing un-ecessary Americanisms in your paper. You probably do not yourself realise when they appear since the American dialect is so pervasive and so eagerly sucked up by the young – and no so young – of all classes, but especially by so-called professionals.

Since it is highly probable that you have no idea what I am objecting to, I shall give a short list from the issue of January 30: P56 Sport – in English Sports; P1 Sheffield Heeley MP Meg Munn’s, in English – The MP for Heeley, Meg Munn; P3 Can Sheffield sustain more places to eat out? in English – Can Sheffield sustain more places to eat out in? The dropping of an essential proposition is a mark of linguistic insecurity and very common in our “educated” society P5 headline has “flats”, running text has “apartments”; P6 cartoon “I’m sorry mom, dad”. This takes the biscuit. Your cartoonist will, I dare say, disdain any contamination from Yorkshire speech but is all eagerness to lap up every passing Americanism – like so many others.

What this demonstrates is a pitiful defeatist attitude to the native language and a “yes we are inferior” cringeing before all things pop American.

I am not only angry, I am appalled by, and disgusted at, my fellow countrymen of a certain sort.

DM Wallerstein