Proof of why this is the safest city

From: Coun Shaffaq Mohammed

Sheffield Liberal Democrat Group Leader

I would like to thank Sheffielders for being so responsible and civic-minded when other big cities have been trashed by mindless criminal looters.

As an active youth worker, I myself am on the front line persuading our young people in Sheffield to choose the right path.

During this time I know that all agencies, such as the Police and the Council, have been working together to engage with young people and take mitigating action. I’m pleased to say that at this time of civil unrest elsewhere, Sheffield truly has proved itself to be the safest city in the UK.

As for the looters and rioters who have operated in other parts of the country, I fully support the call for the full force of the law to be used. Despite what you might hear from some quarters, there can be no excuse whatsoever for these brazen acts of criminality and greed.