Research into murder case

From: Sean O’Connor

I am currently researching a book about the murder of Sheffield-born Margery Aimee Brownwell Gardner.

Margery was killed in a hotel in Notting Hill by ex-RAF pilot Neville Heath on June 21, 1946 in shocking circumstances. Heath went on to commit another murder in July of that year in Bournemouth. He was convicted of the two murders and hanged in November of that year. In my examination of the case, I am very keen to include the stories of the families of the two murdered women and how the murders affected them and their later lives.

Margery was born to John and Elizabeth Wheat and had a brother, Gilbert Wheat, who later became a schoolteacher. The family lived at 24 Oakholme Road in Sheffield. Mr Wheat was a local solicitor who had died in 1936.

Margery married Peter Gardner in London during the war and the couple had a child, Melody Ann, born in 1944.

After her mother’s murder, it is believed that Melody was placed into care by her grandmother. After this, there is no trace of her. As she was so young at the time of her mother’s death, she would only be in her mid-60s today. It’s more than likely that she has married in the intervening years and may be known by another name.

I am particularly keen to trace Melody Gardner and wonder if any readers in Sheffield may remember her or any surviving members of her family.