Search for family of Edgar Woodward

From: Peter Jenkins

I am trying to trace my grandfather’s family some of whom may well still live in Sheffield.

My grandfather was Edgar Woodward who was born in 1903, he was the eldest of seven children born to Walter and Mabel Woodward, I know that his sister Alice married a Neville Grundy and they had a child called Neville Bryan Chambers Grundy born in 1936. The other sister, Effie, had two boys called Arthur and Gordon. One other sister Barbara passed on in 1926, aged only five, and there where three other sons Walter, Frank, and Dennis, who I know have all now passed on. But I would be interested to know if they married and had children as they too would be cousins to my mother and auntie.

Sadly, my grandfather lost contact with his family in the early part of the second world war and he died in 1959 (before I was born).