Sensitive piece on Hillsborough report

Anthony Arblaster

Carr Bank Close, S11

Alan Biggs’ comments on the Hillsborough disaster were sensitive and to the point.

As we know from the censored and ‘edited’ evidence of 164 police officers, the rank and file of the police and the emergency services were not party to the concerted attempt to suppress the truth about the tragedy and put the blame for it on the victims themselves.

That was the work of the higher echelons of South Yorkshire Police.

After David Duckenfield had lied about the gate which he had ordered to be opened with such fatal consequences, it seems that senior police decided on a policy of slandering the victims. Kelvin MacKenzie’s outrageous Sun front page, as well as the allegations made by Sir Irvine Patnick, were not their inventions. They reflected the stories being put about by South Yorkshire police.

In my innocence, I had supposed that a coroner is an independent legal official; but in this case it appears that the coroner was also drawn into the police conspiracy in ruling out evidence of what happened after 3:15, and in conducting alcohol tests on the bodies of the victims.

So far not a single person has suffered any penalties for this monstrous and callous fraud.

The report should lead to a thorough investigation and court proceedings against those believed to be responsible for this cruel and unscrupulous policy of lies.