Setting the wrong example to pupils

From: Appalled

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I think if you carried out a survey you would find that there is a lot less support for the recent one day strike of public sector workers than the media would have us believe.

Certainly, most of the people I have talked to consider them to be a greedy bunch. Public sector workers appear to think that they should not share the burden of the current economic crisis which is hitting our country.

I can only speak about the teaching profession. I am appalled that teachers and headteachers should be setting such a bad example to their pupils.

The teaching profession were given very favourable pension rights many years ago when they were badly paid.

Teachers are now very well paid but seem to expect that they should not part with some of their very favourable pension rights in return for this high level of pay.

I retired as a headteacher a decade ago, the lowest paid headteacher in the city now earns double what I earned when I retired.

Most people in the private sector would be delighted to receive the pension rights enjoyed by these workers, even the rights in the new deal being offered by the Government. Certainly my husband, who was self-employed, gets nothing like the pension enjoyed by the teaching profession and he had to pay every penny himself – no employer to make a contribution.

Tonight on the TV news, new ideas were being put forward to deal with truancy among pupils; what credibility can teachers have in this matter when they recently played truant themselves looking after their own interests rather than the interests of their pupils’ education.