Simplistic and patronising

From: Despairing

Name and address supplied

I am writing with reference to the article concerning the mentoring scheme associated with Emma Harrison.

The article states that Ms Harrison feels that every family should be a working family but it seems to have escaped her attention that there aren’t any jobs; just about the only employment available is insecure, low-paid and subsidised by the tax-payer in the form of tax credits.

Ms Harrison talks of turning round the lives of families who have been failed by the more conventional forms of intervention and this appears to have been achieved by such things as a “mentor” inviting a mother to spend some time working in a charity shop; some kind of miracle then ensues and before we know it she is cooking proper meals for her family and has doubtless also given up smoking. I don’t think I have ever heard anything as simplistic and patronising.

Our society is obviously suffering currently from some very complex problems, a symptom of which were the riots earlier this month.

Local Government departments dealing with children and families cannot fund sufficient trained social workers to adequately carry out their legal duties, so I hope that the coalition government does not deem it appropriate to spend scarce resources on ridiculous schemes such as this.

I despair.