Smoother roads causing major slip hazards rather than minor trip ones

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I am very concerned that Amey, in ‘making Sheffield smoother’ are actually creating a massive health and safety risk. They are swapping minor trip hazards for major slip hazards.

On Friday January 19 I slipped on black ice on the corner of Stafford Street and Talbot Place. This fall left me in agony and resulted in six hours in A&E.

The Northern General Hospital was so crowded with people that had fallen on the ice there were not enough seats in the X-ray waiting room. Many patients said they had slipped on recently laid pavement.

The area where I fell is a small patch of newly laid tarmac Amey installed following the creation of a dropped kerb. On close inspection I found it covered in an extremely solid layer of black ice.

The asphalt mix seems very dense and impermeable, which leads to water freezing on it, creating an ice rink effect. As the tarmac is black the ice was not visible. Nearby footways that have not yet been renewed were frosty but not nearly as slippery. Later I found out a friend had fallen in exactly the same place. I gather some footways laid by Amey are now being relaid as the original was too slippery. I have written to Amey as I am very concerned they may be using tarmac that is not best suited to our hilly city. As streets and pavements in Norfolk Park area are about to be renewed I am determined this should be done with non-slippery material. I am demanding exact specifications so residents can see if we are getting value for money.

Graham Wroe