Sound of silence is deafening

From: Coun Leigh Bramall

Labour member for Southey Ward

So, 17 Lib Dem council leaders write a letter to stand up for their areas and fight against the severity of the government cuts to local authority budgets.

Yet once more, Sheffield’s Lib Dem leader and his councillors refuse to stand up for this city.

The other great northern cities run by the Lib Dems – Newcastle and Hull - speak out, yet in Sheffield they remain deafeningly silent.

No doubt they are keen not to offend Mr Clegg.

Contrary to Lib Dem propaganda, Labour has never denied the need for significant savings.

But we feel the cuts, both locally and nationally, are too far, too fast.

It now seems many Lib Dem council leaders agree with us.

All apart from the one that matters for Sheffield, that is.