Star Letter: Coun Scott’s concerns over deaths on M1 are pathetic

Star Letter
Star Letter

I would like to take Jack Scott our Councillor for the Environment to task on his concerns over the scrapped 60mph speed limit plan for the M1 through Sheffield.

His concerns over “possible” deaths are pathetic and quite honestly so politically skewed that it is both laughable and highly annoying.

This is the same man who has said virtually nothing in defence of the green belt and ancient woods of Smithy, but instead has watched without so much as raising an eyebrow at the planned destruction of hundreds of acres of pollution-stripping open space.

Nor has he uttered one word of concern about the healthy mature trees that are being felled by the thousand in the name of health and safety (profit maximisation) by SCC’s private deforestation unit, AKA Amey.

Nor has the crippling effect on the lives of the East End’s youth with the destruction of Don Valley Stadium, a place that if it had been managed correctly could have inspired thousands to take on board far healthier lifestyle choices and bring on the next generation of Jessica Ennises.

Jack Scott instead whines on about being “let down massively” and “lives being put at risk” because of a refusal to drop the speed limit to 60 mph on the M1.

People will die on the M1 almost every day for a hundred different reasons, be it a wet surface, a brisk cross wind, an inconsiderate driver, a sudden illness or simply falling asleep and these “absolute” deaths will always outnumber your “potential” deaths a thousand to one.

Instead, stop building on green belt, Sheffield has 50,000 acres of derelict and brownfield sites.

Stop having mature trees removed, which makes a mockery of the replanting scheme used by Amey when they are removing Sheffield’s urban pollution filters by the thousand. Plant more trees and turn more derelict sites over to green field

Don’t bulldoze stadiums.

Lee Swords