Star Letter: DSA can serve both holiday and business markets alike

Star Letter
Star Letter

Despite his Sussex address, Michael Wood’s views on Robin Hood Doncaster-Sheffield Airport (DSA) qualify him for honorary membership of the Worshipful Fraternity of Cussed Yorkshire Folk (letters, September 1).

He says that DSA cannot compete with other airports, adding that few people live close by and the new FARRS link road will be a “waste of time”. What nonsense! Whatever DSA does, Mr Wood damns its very existence. Other airports have long been aware that DSA’s superb runway represents competition and strongly objected to the airport’s creation. Now DSA exists, it’s absurd that it is condemned for aiding passenger choice and airport competition.

Despite the writer’s assertions, he lacks any understanding of DSA’s catchment area. The airport is well positioned relative to motorways and its link to the M18 will increase those living within an hour’s drive to 6.2 million and those within 30 minutes to 1.1 million. So, Mr Wood’s notion that “not enough people live close by” is false.

Michael’s disparaging views are clouded by his support for the defunct Sheffield City Airport (SCA). To be profitable, airports need the spending power of tourist/holiday-flight passengers – more numerous than businessmen who are only intent on boarding planes quickly. It follows that short runways serving only small business markets do not generate enough income or profit. Ergo, SCA will never reopen.

Doncaster-Sheffield Airport can serve both holiday and business markets. Michael Wood should join those celebrating the airport, not look for its demise. DSA brings advantage to the wider Sheffield City Region and its citizens. The alternative would forever mean more travel to distant airports and less competition. Surely Michael doesn’t wish for that, or does he?

Stuart Green