Station spending a waste of money

From: Mrs S Boden

King Ecgbert Road, Sheffield S17

SOME time ago, millions of pounds, many months and a lot of useful space was used in the so-called improved Sheffield railway station.

The result? Ask any traveller who arrives by train and you will be told what happens.

Unlike any other towns or cities smaller than Sheffield, you arrive and find no public transport to take you and your luggage to to the city centre and then to your destination, but you will see taxis struggling to pass the small way to the front of the station, little seats to rest from having sat on a train for some hours and the biggest urinal in the world on the right side.

If you want to catch a bus you have to trail with your luggage to the bus station (it may be near on paper but it is longer on your legs) or go uphill to catch some infrequent buses to some parts of the town, or the FreeBee, so long as it is not the weekend or holiday.

What a waste of money and time and what little attention to travellers. Whoever designed the ‘improved’ station deserves to arrive having used the trains and wanting to go home!