Strike a blow for pedestrian safety

From: Richard Lewis

Rustlings Road, Sheffield S11

Thank you to Prof Danny Dorling and The Sheffield Telegraph (December 9) and for Graham Wroe’s letter each highlighting the case for introducing 20mph speed limits widely in residential areas.

To me this looks like a no-brainer given the reported level of pedestrian carnage on our streets, 300 deaths or injuries to pedestrians each year in Sheffield; and the negligible effect such a limit would have on average motor journey times in our city.

However, what is Sheffield City Council’s response to this proposal? It is boldly to delegate it to the local area assemblies for consideration. What a cop out!

At best, this would result in a patchwork maze of differing speed limits set by different priorities across the city and certain to confuse.

Further, based on my, admittedly limited experience of the South-West Area Assembly, we can expect them to immediately cave in to whoever shows up with the largest shouty mob.

Therefore, you can anticipate Mr or Ms J Clarkson rolling up in their 4x4 battering rams or ill-controlled Audis to lobby vociferously for higher or no speed limits.

Come on you major parties in Sheffield, just for once strike a blow for all of Sheffield’s pedestrian voters, and for the school child and make Sheffield a safer, less damaging place.

Make it a city where the standard speed limit is 20mph, apart from a few locally agreed exceptions.

Then fewer people will die, fewer children will be seriously hurt and then, maybe, I will be able to take my children to the park or to school without fear of Mr or Ms J Clarkson exploding around the bend towards us.

A happy, and hopefully safer, New Year to you and your readers.