Student ‘village’ is absolute madness

From: Howard Greaves

Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society

What absolute madness to drop another 880 student beds on a market which is already awash with empty bedsits and terrace house conversions, many just a stone’s throw from this proposed student ‘village’.

Going further afield, have a drive around the suburbs of Crookes and Broomhill and see the proliferation of ‘To Let’ signs which have now become a blot on the landscape.

The developers are saying that students now want something better but it is a well-known fact that once they have got through their first year they no longer wish to live in these soulless barrack-like monstrosities, and have a desire to become more individualistic.

I thought that Stalinist architecture was dead in the water but looking at the drawings, obviously not.

Whilst on the subject of water, the only good thing about this scheme is that the Porter Brook is to be de-culverted and opened up at last.

Student numbers will inevitably drop due to a combination of increased fees, restrictions on foreign student visas and, as many students have found to their cost, the realisation that a degree in origami or whatever can often result in a job in a call centre or stacking shelves in Tesco.

There are signs already that factory floor prices in China are rocketing which means that there is a good chance that Britain can once again regain its manufacturing base.

There should therefore be a massive campaign to boost apprenticeships, drop the fatuous degree courses and encourage school-leavers down a road which will contribute in the future to the country’s much-needed balance of payments.

To get back to the original subject, this massive site could be put to much better use by way of affordable housing.

The main beneficiaries of the ‘village’, if it goes ahead, will be the breweries, fast food outlets and cabbies, who must all be rubbing their hands with glee.