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Last week’s question:

What are your top new year fitness tips?

Hypnotherapy Clinic


Top tip for new year: drink more water to speed up your metabolism & feel less sluggish + Do more of the activity you love!

Wrongun @Haslandboi

Don’t weigh yourself. Instead, judge your progress by what you see in the mirror

J and H @The_McGs

Top tip #cycle 2work. Save time&money on the gym, be more productive, feel like ur flying! #fitshef

Ros Arksey @Nibbly_Pig

Find an exercise that you enjoy & then you will find it easier to make fitness part of your routine. #fitshef

Jane Ide @jane_ide

If frightened to start exercise just walk for 10 mins every day. Build up. Soon start to feel fitter, then do other stuff.


Join a brass band, all that blowing equals a couple of hundred calories a rehearsal!

This week’s question:

Should the City Council find more funding for events such as Fright Night? #eventshef