What can we do to make Sheffield city centre busier?

Jon morris @FinanceJon

Close Meadowhall

Alan Dalton @AlanGrinch

Two parking. You’ll never compete with Meadowhall otherwise.

Mr Smith @blade806

Manchester provides free parking on a Saturday afternoon. Why not Sheffield?

FH Cricket @FHCricket2014

Stop traffic wardens descending en masse to ticket cars at 8:25 pm

Phil Hindley @blademanphil

Make it easier to get in, out and around#messy

Simon @CollingwoodSK

Give people a reason to stay after work or come in. Greater diversity of entertainment, restaurants. Plus more city living.

Tom Hunt @tomhunt100

Encourage city centre cafés to stay open longer. Too many places close at 5pm

Dave Clarke @Athersstylist

Everyone walk a bit slower. No real investment in the city so that’s all I can think of.

paul thorley @pthorley

Free car parking and stop charity “workers” jumping on you

Tom Briddock @briddo_88

Free Parking, Smooth pavements, QUALITY markets & independent retailers. Only way to compete with Meadowhall.

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