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HS2: a good thing or not for Sheffield?

Chris Hanson


I’m against and don’t know anyone in Sheff who’s in favour. We need more investment in local rail networks, 2 hrs to London is fine by me.

dennis patton


Recent letter in @thetimes says #hs2 cost more than rebuilding Afghanistan. Snouts in the trough again or quicker journey???


Are people going to say now there is half an hour knocked off I will invest in Sheffield? There are better things to do

We are talking about 1/2 hours difference in travelling time. Will that really get more people coming to Sheffield?

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Positive for Sheffield if the HS2 connects to the city train station instead of Meadowhall. The faster the better! Especially for commuters or to bring business to the city. Big question - how expensive will the train fares be?

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