That would put a stop to slow traffic

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Gillian Healey

Crookesmoor Road, S10

Further to John Clapham’s letter (September 20) about speeding up traffic through Broomhill, it seems to me that this could be partly achieved quite simply by getting rid of the 52 bus stop on Crookes Road and allowing the 52 to stop where the 51 does on Whitham Road.

There is a bus pull-in there which could easily be enlarged if necessary.

Whitham Road at that point has two lanes of traffic coming up to the junction while Crookes Road has only one leaving it.

The road at that point is further restricted by a traffic island.

When two buses arrive together, as they frequently do, the road is completely blocked and so, often, is the junction.

Buses are not the whole cause of the problem but certainly contribute quite significantly.