Theatres should back our region

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From: Peter J. Higgins, Harcourt Road, Shefffield S10

When Daniel Evans became artistic director at Sheffield Theatres he made a lot of noise about producing bold work that involved, or was relevant to, the local community.

Since then as far as I can see neither the Sheffield Crucible nor Lyceum has produced anything of substance that fits this description, nothing that has been the work of Sheffield theatrical talent - be they writers, actors, directors.

Is there really such a dearth of such talent in our city?

And now we have a lavish season celebrating the work of Hampstead-based darling of the London theatrical establishment, millionaire Sir David Hare, whose work has been endlessly indulged by the (publicly-funded) National Theatre.

As Mr Evans clearly expects our future support, are the loyal theatre-goers of Sheffield not justified in demanding he keeps his initial promises rather than produces work largely intended to impress a London-based theatrical elite?