There is no chance of a city centre station for Sheffield for the HS2 link

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Politicians of all parties are renowned for their misleading statements.

Baroness Kramer’s remarks (March 30th edition) about the possibility of Sheffield getting a city centre HS2 station being “up for debate” break new levels of insincerity.

Sheffield has no chance whatsoever of getting an HS2 station in the city centre, as opposed to it being at Meadowhall.

It is pure fantasy, and Baroness Kramer knows it.

You only have to look at Birmingham to see this is a racing certainty.

Birmingham is England’s second city and the biggest flag-waver for the utterly discredited HS2 £50bn + project, but even it has not been granted a city centre station. The reason for this is simple: it would cost hundreds of millions of pounds extra to take HS2 into the centre of Birmingham, therefore, the Government are intending to relocate it to a derelict scrubland east of Birmingham city centre.

The same will be true for Sheffield. Baroness Kramer does not want to break the harsh truth to the people of Sheffield, for fear of upsetting them.

Baroness Kramer is a here-today, gone-tomorrow politician.

However, Sheffield will be lumbered with an out-of-town HS2 station forever, if this horrendously expensive and unnecessary railway ever gets built.

John Read

Campaign director, HS2 Action Alliance