This joke fence no laughing matter

From: R Leach

Albert Road, Sheffield S8

At the Heeley allotments we were absolutely delighted when the council agreed to complete the security fence round our site as we have campaigned long and hard for improved security after a period of sustained vandalism and arson during which much damage was done and at least 40 sheds and greenhouses were destroyed.

We negotiated with very helpful council officers the details of the new fence but the one that is now being erected is nothing like the one we were promised.

In fact, it is little more like a joke having a smooth top and being no more than three feet high in many places, serving only to keep out small dogs.

While the vandals will probably find this very funny, those who pay their taxes will probably not be amused to hear that this fiasco has cost about £27,000.

If the councillors had bothered to properly consult the allotment tenants and taken notice of the officers in the Parks Department this criminal waste of money would not have happened.

This blunder is particularly infuriating at a time when we are all having to put up with massive cuts in local services.