Time to stop the blame game

From: Peter Dillon

Psalter Lane, Sheffield S11

There was I, having a quiet cup of coffee whilst reading the Sheffield Telegraph, when I became aware of a distant wailing noise. As I turned each page the noise became louder until I reached the letters page.

There it was, a letter (?) from Coun Paul Scriven, blowing his polemic trumpet once again.

This man is so frightened stiff of losing his power as council leader, he has to write letters (actually it was a party political broadcast) to the Telegraph condemning Labour and all who sail with her.

Firstly Monsuier Scriven hails the jobs that ‘we’ (I assume that’s his party, the party of broken promises?) have created. No mention of the jobs that have gone in the Sheffield region then? Rolls-Royce have definitely signed up have they? No they haven’t and even if they had it will be done over at least two years with a possibility of 350 jobs each time. The reason they (Rolls-Royce) are considering Sheffield is because of their links with Sheffield University. Possible jobs maybe, but, not a given yet.

Now we move on to Coun Scriven’s real vitriol. The financial mess that (New) ‘Labour got us into’. Scriven is obsessed with telling everyone about this even though he knows it is utterly untrue.

If you remember, Paul, your party (not the one you should really be a member of) agreed on the action to be taken to prevent a total collapse of the financial sector.

Did you disagree at the time or were you taking a stance with your Tory mates in looking dumbfounded?

Your obsession with condemning New Labour (and I emphasise the New deliberately) is fast becoming an embarrassment to you. You were on BBC’s Look North saying the same old thing. There becomes a time when the public demand that politicians stop blaming the other party and ask when are you going to take responsibility. That time is here and now!

I for one was glad that you were unsuccessful in becoming the MP for Sheffield Central. I could just see it now: Cameron tells Clegg to sit and Clegg tells Scriven to fetch me a stool.

There was no mention of the AV vote in your polemic Mr Scriven? Given the chance to ‘vote’ for 2nd, 3rd and so on preferences, would leave me with no option but to prefer the BNP to the Liberal Condemns and I despise the BNP in all its guises.

Proportional Representation is what Clegg wanted. Can’t have that? Well what about AV then?

If the public decide to vote yes for AV, Clegg will go down in the annals of history for changing our electoral system. That’s all Clegg wants, regardless of if it’s an improvement or not. A little bit of power can help change your views and morals.

Are you still cycling to work Paul? Or did you give that up a couple of days after you told the Sheffield public that it was ‘good to feel refreshed when arriving at work’.

Or maybe if you’re not cycling to work anymore, it must be Labour’s fault?